Colombia Steep Bag Coffee

【Steep Bag】Colombia Pitalito Hulia Supremo (5bags/10bags)


14g / bag


Berries ‧ Caramel ‧ Chocolate

  • Washed
  • Medium Roast


Roast ★★★

Sweetness ★★★★

Acidity ★★★★

Bitterness ★★★★

Body ★★★

Balance ★★★★




• Origin : Colombia

• Region : Hulia, Pitalito

• Grading: G1

• Variety : Caturra, Typica and Other

• Altitude : 1,800 - 2,200meters

• Processing : Washed

• Roasting Level : Medium Roast




"Smooth, high acidity, medium body, berries, caramel, and chocolate flavour with orange and lemon note."




Pitalito is located at the far south of Huila in the Valley of Laboyos in the southern area of Colombia at the foot of the Andes mountains. A small town that is known for producing high-quality coffee. The average farm size here is about 20,000 square meters.


In the early days, Pitalito has the best roasted coffee beans of Colombia. The coffee is nearly 100% shade grown, and predominantly caturra variety. At this height, the climate is slightly cooler which ensures the cherries develop at a slower rate and are able to absorb all of the sugars and acids of the fruit, which are then transferred to the cup.


This coffee delivers medium to bold acidity, a rounded to medium body, hazelnut and toasted caramel aroma and a rich and intense flavour of berries, caramel and residual sweetness. The natural sweetness of this coffee allows it to be perfectly paired with chocolates, pastries or ice cream.




• This product should be store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and do not put into the refrigerator.


•  Please consume quickly after open.



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