3. Can I edit an order I have already placed? | 更改訂單

An order cannot be updated by the client. We will be happy to do it for you, unless your order has already been packed. Contact Us as soon as possible: 客戶無法更新訂單。除非您的訂單己經包裝好,否則我們很樂意為您更改。 請盡快聯絡我們:

4. Can I add an item to an order I have already placed? | 在已付款的訂單添加項目

An order cannot be updated by the client. We will be happy to do it for you, unless your order has already been packed. Contact Us as soon as possible: 客戶無法更新訂單。除非您的訂單已經包裝好,否則我們很樂意為您服務。 請盡快聯絡我們:

5. Can I cancel my order? | 取消訂單

It depends on the order status. If your order has not been sent, you can contact us at to cancel your order. If your order has already been sent, it cannot be cancelled. However, if you have any questions about the product, you can contact us at 這取決於訂單狀態。如果您的訂單尚未發出,您可以通過 與我們聯絡取消訂單。 如果您的訂單已經發出,則無法取消。但是,如果您對產品有任何意見,您可以聯絡我們

1. Are the coffees in Veygo Coffee freshly roasted? | Veygo Coffee 的咖啡是新鮮烘焙嗎?

Yes, they are. Our coffee are freshly roasted by our roaster. All coffee products have roast date label for customer reference. 是的。我們的咖啡是新鮮烘焙。咖啡產品印有烘焙日, 可供顧客參考。

6. Do you have any retail store? | 你們有零售店嗎?

We don't have any retail store at the moment. We recommend our customer to buy our products online. 我們未有零售店。因此,我們建議顧客使用網店購買我們的咖啡。

2. How long does the process take once I place an order? | 你們處理訂單需時多久?

Our coffee beans are freshly roast upon order. We would normally process and arrange shipment of the order within 3-5 business day once we received it with payment. 我們的咖啡豆都是收到訂單後才烘焙。一般來說,當我們收到訂單及款項後,會在3-5個工作天處理訂單及安排物流出貨。

7. What is your Return and Exchange Policy? | 你們的退貨和換貨政策是什麼?

Coffee is a food product. We do not offer a general return policy, and cannot accept return of any open bag products due to health regulations regarding to food products. If the product is lost or you, upon receiving, notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should immediately report to us. If you are not satisfied with the product you have received, please also report to us. For other product, if you have received has been damge or didn't meet your expectations, you have 7 days to return to us. The products have to be unused and sent back in original, undamaged box. Please note that we will not be able to accept returns or exchange based on change of mind. You can contact us at for any return and refund. 由於咖啡是食品,我們不提供一般退貨政策,不接受任何開袋產品的退貨。 如果產品丟失或您在收到貨物時發現貨物已經損壞,請立即向我們報告。如果您對收到的產品不滿意,請向我們報告。 其它產品: 如果您收到的產品已經損壞或不符合您的期望,您有7天的時間可以退貨給我們。產品必須未使用,並在原始未損壞的盒子中寄回。 請注意,我們將無法根據改變主意接受退貨或換貨。 您可以通過 veygocoffee@gmail.com與我們聯繫,以獲取退貨和退款。

8. How long will I received my exchange or refund? | 需時多久才收到換貨或退款?

We will let you know whether your refund has been accepted within 24 hours after we have received your return. If it is accepted, we will provide you with a replacement or refund within 14 days from receiving the products. 我們將在收到您的退貨後的24小時內通知您是否已接受退款。如果接受,我們將在收到產品後的14天內為您提供替換產品或退款。


1. What are your payment options? | 你們接受什麼付款方式?

We accept Credit Card payment through Stripe. 我們接受經Stripe平台信用卡付款的方式。

2. Can I pay on delivery? | 可以貨到付款嗎?

We're sorry, payment on delivery is not avaliable at the moment. 很抱歉,目前暫不提供送貨上門付款。

3. Can I change the payment method? | 可以更改付款方式嗎?

Yes, unless your order has already been sent. In order to do it, please contact us as soon as possible: 可以,除非您的訂單已經寄出。請盡快與我們聯絡:


1. What are your shipping options? | 你們使用哪種送貨方式?

1) SF Express : It takes +1day (next day) to deliver. You may request AM or PM delivery times. Courier may contact you via mobile phone to confirm time to ensure successful delivery. Tracking URL 2) SF Station and Smart Lockers : This can be arrange by request. Please leave service location code in the comment area. If order under $300, you need to choose to Courier SF Express shipping fee for this service. 1) SF Express : 需時+1天(第二天)。 您可以申請上午或下午交貨時間。 快遞可能會通過手機與您聯繫,以確認確保成功交貨的時間。 跟踪網址 2) SF站和智能儲物櫃 : 可根據要求安排。請將服務位置代碼留在評論區域。如果訂單低於300港幣,您需要選擇SF Express運費。

3. I have received a damaged parcel/product. What should I do? | 損壞的包裹/產品

We pack our products with most care and use best efforts so that the products could be delivered to you safely. If the parcel and products you have received are damaged, please contact us at Remember to attach photographs of damaged goods. 我們十分小心包裝我們的產品,以便產品可以安全地交到您們手上。如果您收到的包裹和產品已損壞,請通過 veygocoffee@gmail.com與我們聯絡。請記得附上損壞貨品的照片。

4. Can I change my delivery address? | 更改送貨地址

If your order has not been dispactched yet, you can change the delivery address by contacting us at Unfortunately, if your order has already been dispatched, we cannot change the address. 如果您的訂單尚未寄出,您可以通過 veygocoffee@gmail.com與我們聯絡。 如果您的訂單已經發送,我們將無法更改送貨地址。

2. How long does it take? | 送貨需時多久?

Once we ship the product, SF Express deliver on the next day. 這要視乎我們選擇的物流組織。一般在發貨後,順豐翌日便會送貨。


1. How to keep the coffee fresh? | 如何保持咖啡新鮮?

Never freeze or refrigerate coffee. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. The enemies of fresh coffee are oxygen, heat, light and moisture. Containers used for coffee storage should be air-tight and preferably non-absobant. e.g. metal, glass and ceramic are the best. 切勿冷凍或冷藏咖啡。請存放在陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射。 新鮮咖啡的敵人是氧氣,熱量,光線和水分。用於咖啡儲存的容器應該是不透氣並且非吸收性(不吸收氣味)的材料。例如金屬,玻璃和陶瓷是最好的。

2. How long should we keep a pack of coffee? | 咖啡豆可儲存多久?

We believe coffee should be used within 45days of receiving the packs. Ideally, this should be within 30days. 咖啡包裝開封後應在45天內飲用。30天內更理想。

3. Our grinding service and grind size options. | 研磨服務及研磨度選項

We prefer our customer purchase whole beans coffee. Pre-ground coffee goes stale very quickly. If left unsealed, ground coffee goes stale withing 15 minutes. Inside of the sealed packaging, oxydization ( the process of going stale ) is dramatically accelerated once the whole beans are ground. However, we understand not every home or office has a grinder. So we provide grinding service for you just prior to the order being shipped. Our coffee is ground only when an order has been received and we are in the process of packing for delivery (ground at the last minute) to keep the grounded coffee freshness. Each product where a grind option is avaliable. You can select the required grind setting as one of the following: 我們建議購買原粒咖啡豆。預磨後的咖啡很快就會失去風味。磨碎的咖啡會在15分鐘內失去風味。在密封包裝內部,原粒咖啡豆被研磨,氧化(失去風味過程)會大大加速。 但是,我們理解不是每個屋企或辦公室都擁有磨豆機。因此,我們會在發貨前為您提供研磨服務。我們的咖啡只有在收到訂單後, 正在進行包裝時才開始研磨,以確保咖啡新鮮度。 每種產品都有不同研磨度選擇。您可以選擇所需的研磨度:

4. How to choose the right water to brew coffee? | 如何選擇合適的水沖泡咖啡?

There is 98% of water in your finished cup of coffee. It means that the quality of water has a significant role in the taste of coffee.

  • Coffee brewing water should be clean and fresh by taste, smell and look.
  • There should be free of chlorine, chloramine and hypochlorite in the water.
  • Do not take hot water out of the tap. Tap hot water is not fresh and often has add tastes and odours.
  • Also avoid heavily-filtered or distilled water.
Ideal water for coffee brewing:
  • Water hardness 50 - 175 ppm CaCO3
  • Water alkalinity 40 - 75 ppm CaCO3
  • pH 6.5 - 8
Recommended to boil spring water / filtered tap water at about 92 - 94 °C 一杯咖啡有98%是水。這意味著水的質量會影響對咖啡的味道。
  • 沖泡咖啡的水應該是冇色冇味, 外觀清澈及新鮮。
  • 水中不應含氯,氯胺和次氯酸鹽。
  • 不要從水龍頭中取熱水。自來水不新鮮,通常會增加味道和氣味。
  • 還要避免用過度過濾或蒸餾水。
  • 水硬度為50-175ppm CaCO3
  • 水鹼度40-75ppm CaCO3
  • pH 6.5 - 8
建議用在約92 - 94°C下煮沸泉水或過濾自來水。

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