VEYGO was founded in 2010 with a simple mission - to bring the best coffee to town. Our first coffee shop was opened in 2013 in Sheng Wan, Hong Kong, followed by a second shop in 2014 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Later on, we have moved our focus to provide quality coffee beans online. We select coffee beans from the greatest producers in the world. Here, we supply whole beans or grinds for your brewer. Wherever you are, we’ll get your coffee shipped to you fresh.


The philosophy of VEYGO is to enjoy quality coffee, inspired by the New Zealand cafe society. This is where intelligent and lively debate, good music and coffee come together. We have experience in both the development and management of cafes. This has taught us, a cafe will succeed in attracting a loyal customer base, by delivering great coffee. Our philosophy has always been: " The best quality at a fair price, no compromise."